Key Features

Features of the NDKare™

Quick & Easy Documentation

Realistic 3D Wound Model

Accurate Measurement

Effective Clinical Decision Making

Improve Wound Care Outcomes & Patient Satisfaction

Sercure Patient Privacy

Facilitate Collaboration

Remote Management of Nursing Resources



Collaborate Seamlessly

NDKare™ is a fast and easy way to securely share realistic wound photos with clinicians, organizations and patient. In seconds, you can upload a wound photo from a smartphone and view them from any desktop or mobile device.

Absolute Security

All study photos are encrypted and transmitted using the highest levels of security on all devices, even on a smartphone. Our system is designed to support HIPAA and HITECH compliance. No need to worry about losing patients' wound photos.

Realistic Photos for Monitoring

Precise representation of actual physical wound for analysis and diagnosis as if clinicians were on On-Site. Easily manage your patients’ wound records and track efficacy of treatment for individual patients.

Enable Holistic Wound Care

Allow integration of good quality visual both 2D and 3D images to be documented and linked with patients’ other treatments, such as dietary restriction, exercise routine or even alternative medicine.

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