Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ was updated on 13 May 2018. Please review to note the changes.

1) What is NDKare™?

NDKare™ is a fast and easy way to securely share realistic wound photos with clinicians, organizations and patients. In seconds, you can upload a wound photo from a smartphone and view them from any desktop or mobile device.

2) How do I download NDKare™ mobile app?

You can download NDKare™ mobile app from Google Play Store and Apple Store respectively.

3) Do I have to purchase NDKare™ mobile app?

No, NDKare™ mobile app is free to download from both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

4) Do I need an account to use NDKare™?

Yes, you will need an account to use both NDKare™ mobile app and web dashboard. Please contact us more about purchase information via

5) What OS versions are supported for NDKare™ mobile app?

NDKare™ mobile app requires minimum Android version 5.0 and iOS version 9.0.

6) What browsers are supported for NDKare™ web dashboard?

The recommented web browsers for NDKare™ web dashboard are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

7) What if I forget my password?

You can reset your password either through NDKare™ mobile app or web dashboard. Email to reset your password will be sent to your registered email.

8) Do I need internet connection to use NDKare™ mobile app?

Yes, internet connection is required to use NDKare™ mobile app.

9) What should I do if I encounter technical issues?

If you face any technical issues, do contact us via or fill up our feedback from here.

10) Does NDKare™ comply to any regulatory standards?

NDKare™ is ISO:13485-2017 certified, HSA approved, FDA registered and CE aprroved.